Our goal is to pair the best cocktails and wine with delicious tapas. In Spain, tapas are seldom served without alcohol. Here are 7 quick facts about tapas:

Tapas are small plates of food that are served between meals and often accompanied by alcohol.
Tapas originated in Spain, where according to legend, King Alfonso 10th, The Wise King of Spain, had once been stricken with a serious illness which only allowed him to take in small portions of food with small amounts of wine. After recovering from his illness, the king issued a decree that no wine should be served at inns unless it was served with food.
They are not meant to be a meal in themselves.

There are no tapas restaurants – only tapas bars.

Tapas can literally be any type of food – from nuts, olives, and assorted cheeses to roasted meats and stews – so long as the dish is served on a small plate accompanied by alcohol.

The most important thing about “tapeo” (the art of eating tapas) is the gathering of people to socialize as they drink and eat.

Tapas bars are lively environments filled with much conversation and laughter.

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